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Interior Remodelling

Whether it's adding a wall or removing a wall, renovating and renewing a kitchen or bathroom, repairing some damage done by the tenants or completely remodelling and changing the internal flow of a house ... we can help. Because we've done it all before! Read more....

Exterior transformations

Fences, gates, decks, retaining, hard or soft landscaping or simply waterblasting everything so it shines once more ... we don't mind. We just love to see the transformation that can take place, and the smile on your face! Read more...


We believe that YOU have the right to choose what you want looked at during YOUR property inspection, and to only pay for areas actually covered.

You are unique and have unique needs, and the property is also unique. And property inspections need to take this into account.


Some properties have lots of surrounding land and paths and patios and decks ... and some don't; some have underfloor areas and 2 metre high foundations ... and some don't; and some properties have ceiling crawl spaces or high pitched roofs that need looking at ... and some don't.

So, when we carry out your property inspection, we only look at and charge for the areas that exist, and the ones that are important to you. We do not adopt a "one-fee-for-everything" mentality.


NOTE: All our property inspections are now carried out by our sister company More Choice Home Inspections (Wellington) Limited, however pending the creation of a new website, all the information below is relevant and correct


Our Popular "You-Only-Pay-For-What-You-Want" Fee Structure is as follows:

(A) Standard Property Report

The fee for our Standard Property Report is $445 incl GST if applicable, which covers the following areas:

  1. Generic Site Aspects
  2. House Exterior
  3. Roof Exterior
  4. Building Interior
  5. Fire Warning and Control Systems
  6. Heating Systems
  7. Ventilation Systems
  8. Electrical Services
  9. Gas Services
  10. Water Services
  11. Hot Water Services
  12. Sewerage and Foul Water Disposal Systems
  13. TV, SKY and Other Antennae or Aerials*
  14. Telecommunications*

* These two items can be replaced individually with any one of the optional items Central Vacuum Systems, Security Systems or Rainwater Collection Systems if these are more relevant to your inspection ... at no extra cost.

For the details of what is covered by each of the above areas, please take a look at our Property Report Details page

(B) Additional Property Report Items

The following additional areas can also be covered if you wish, at an additional cost:

Items having an additional cost of $65 incl GST if applicable each:

  1. Overall floor space more than 200m2 ($65 for each additional 50m2)
  2. Underfloor Areas / Foundations (subject to suitable access)
  3. In-Ceiling Cavity Space (subject to suitable access)
  4. Exterior Stairs, Porches, Verandahs, Decks
  5. Retaining, Boundary and Fencing Site Aspects
  6. Ancillary Spaces / Outbuildings

Items having an additional cost of $35 incl GST if applicable each:

  1. Driveways, Paths & Patio Site Aspects
  2. Chimneys, Flues & Exhaust Systems
  3. Central Vacuum Systems
  4. Security Systems
  5. Rainwater Collection Systems
  6. House, deck and detached outbuilding measure-up (for insurance purposes)
    NB: additional charges of $35 per 50m2 will apply for insurandce measure-up if floor area is greater than 200m)

NB: The maximum total charge payable, including any additional items is $750 including GST if applicable. So even though the individual items you have included in your property inspection may add up to more than $750, that is the maximum you will pay. Payment must be made in full at least 24 hours prior to the agreed time of inspection.

For the details of what is covered by each of the above areas, please take a look at our Property Report Details page

(C) Other Property Report Related Services

Other services available include:

  1. Inspection of local council records ... $75 + GST per hour (including travel time) + Council fees and disbursements
  2. Face to face meeting to discuss the completed Property Report ... $75 + GST per hour (including travel time)
  3. Analysis, understanding and advising on specific areas of concern such as Code Compliance questions ... $100 + GST per hour
  4. Out-of-district / travel fees for reports required outside of Plimmerton / Upper Hutt / Wellington area may apply

NB: All property inspections and related activities are subject to acceptance by the inspector in relation to the amount of time involved, what it covers etc.

BEFORE contacting us to book a property inspection, please ensure that you have read and agree to 
our Property Report Terms and Conditions

Our Inspection Report Services

We can help you make better informed property decisions by providing Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale Property Reports and Existing Property Maintenance and Issues Reports.

Remember, we will tailor your Property Inspection Report for your "only what you want" requirements with specific add-ons where appropriate.

So, if you have questions, or would like some assistance in relation to your residential property inspections, or would simply like to book an inspection as soon as possible... please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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